About Me

Mandy Antzoylatos
Professional Coach – Group Facilitator – Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner

“Imagine a world where each person is completely free to be themselves, free to own their true worth, and free to engage with each other across all our delicious differences.

Oh Yes! That’s a world I want to live in! And I see my purpose in playing a part in creating that world.”

Mandy Antzoylatos

Welcome.  I am Mandy Antzoylatos, the founder of Freedom44. 

I am an independent consultant based in Cape Town specializing as a professional coach, diversity practitioner, trainer and facilitator supporting individuals and teams in the public, government and corporate sectors. 

My Passion:  To enable change in my clients by supporting individuals and teams to unlock their full potential, and work more effectively on a personal and interpersonal level.  My intention is to help people overcome barriers and build bridges to personal and business success, while maintaining balance in all the roles in their life.

My Vision:   I have a vision of living in a connected society, where people have access to their full potential and power, and use it to connect with themselves, others and their environment with integrity and honesty.

For more than 15 years I have worked with a myriad of tried and tested methodologies in the coaching, facilitation and reconciliation fields.  This allows me to design and conduct bespoke interventions based on the client’s specific needs and wants.

I have been privileged to work with clients from all across South Africa, other countries in Africa (including Uganda, Lesotho, Namibia and other SADC member states), as well as various international markets.  

I love working with people and thoroughly enjoy interacting with my diverse clientele from all walks of life.