• Life Lessons

    “Looking beyond the Poop on the Window”

    The other day we were driving to school… it’s a stunning route! Mountain on our right, sun rising on the horizon, and gorgeous views of the harbour, city and coastline on the left.

    This photograph taken from the back seat by my son on the way to school
    (on a different day referred to in this post).

    My son, Li’l J, was sitting behind me and as he looked to the left he said “Mom, there’s poop on the window” (we had been parked under a tree, so it seemed a sweet bird had left us a ‘gift’ 😉).
    “Oh yuck” I said, “Poop on the window!” and then after a while said, “Anything else you can see, my love?”. He replied, “I don’t like poop on the window Mom!”

    I also don’t like poop on the window, but confess I was thinking to myself, “How can you focus on the poop when there’s the harbour and other such beauty beyond the poop?” Wisely, I think, I chose to hold my tongue…
    Just a minute or two later… “Mom, look at the beautiful sky!”

    The sky was beautiful… It was one of those mornings where there were puffy clouds, some blue sky and rays of sunlight that are visibly shining through the clouds (when I was a little girl I believed that was a sign of heaven).
    I so appreciated that he got to see past the poop, and this got me thinking about how often there is a beautiful horizon ahead of us, and all we can see is the small poop on the window, or the hurdles in front of us.

    Don’t get me wrong… we need to be able to see the poop, to be able to clean it, or identify the hurdles so that we can address them rather than tripping over them. But sometimes we can become so focused or distracted by the hurdles (or poop) that we can’t see beyond them, or become paralysed and give up.

    So with that in mind, how might this reflect in your life?
    Are you focusing on the poop or the horizon?
    What support could you put in place to clear your view of the horizon?
    How might you then be able to tap into new possibilities and opportunities?

    Lots to think about…

    Love Mandy xxx

    PS: I smiled to myself as I was writing this blog (while working at a local coffee shop on the same morning) as I noticed some bird poop on the usually immaculately cleaned window… lol!!! What a beautiful view beyond the poop 😉