Why Freedom 44?

Freedom 44

Years ago, when I was creating a Gmail address for myself, I knew I wasn’t going to use my surname as it takes a whole lot of time every day spelling it out.  Plus, the risk is pretty high that I won’t be receiving most of the emails because of my surname being misspelt, so what was plan B?

I asked myself, “What do I stand for?” and almost immediately the word “Freedom” came to mind, and the number 4 has always been important to me – so why not double the power with 44?

And so Freedom44 became my email address, then the Facebook page address for my public courses, and now all my media platforms!

Imagine a world where each person is free to be themselves....

Simple really, but when I consider my vision of living in a society where people are connected to themselves, each other and our environment with respect and integrity, this fits in just beautifully.

Imagine a world where each person is free to be themselves fully, free to own their true worth, and people are free to engage with each other across all our delicious differences… Oh Yes, that’s a world I want to live in! And I see my purpose in playing a part in creating that world…