Stretching our comfort zones....

Stretching our comfort zones…

Words & Pics by Mandy Antzoylatos

The other morning, as I pressed “Share Screen” while on a team call with one of my clients, I had a flashback to my first wellness session with them where I was sharing my screen for the first time on Zoom and feeling quite flustered! They are an e-learning company… and I have techno-phobe tendencies at the best of times! 😉

Yes, I’ve been coaching online for a while, but that was relatively easy as it was connecting one on one, and I only used online for people in other countries or outside of Cape Town.  It had been a little stretch at the time to move from face-to-face sessions to coaching via Skype or Zoom, but soon became easier.

At the end of last year I ran my first online course which was a bigger stretch but still fairly gentle. All the people taking part had worked with me in other ways, and so were familiar with me and my coaching style.

However, COVID has stretched me a whole lot more and encouraged me to be far more innovative with technology, and it has been healthily uncomfortable. 😊

The quote above:

“Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers” 

 …appears on my Linkedin profile and my website because in essence, this is what I encourage and teach my clients to reach for…to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones and to seek the gift in the discomfort.

And…it’s really important for me to practice what I encourage others to do.

Some of the gifts I’ve discovered through my discomfort are:

  • Launching Career Crossroads (which I’ve been dreaming about for 3 years now!),
  • The co-facilitating of online corporate sessions on unconscious bias resulting in more inclusive workspaces,
  • The co-creation of an online course preparing young people for diverse work environments, by using a blend of tools including Zoom, Whatsapp, Social media and email… plus music along the way!
  • Attracting global clients for both individual coaching and Career Crossroads,
  • Connecting with other facilitators across the globe, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

One of the prime gifts on the other side of my discomfort is a sense of Globa-bility… 


It has given me the ability to connect with people from all over the globe, to partner and collaborate with other facilitators, and to extend my offerings to a wider group.  It has been rich!

It’s not a new concept and has been happening for many years, but Covid-19 has created a context where the online space is more familiar to people now and actually quite necessary.

I’m curious to hear from you? (and thanks to all who replied to my curiosity questions in previous newsletters 😉)…

How have you been stretched out of your comfort zone these last few months?

What gifts have you found through sitting in your discomfort?

I’d love to hear from you!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of your week, with gentle but delicious stretches out of your comfort zones…

All the best

P.S.  The gift often comes from that knot in your belly that tells you it’s uncomfortable, and when you move beyond you see the light.
View from our window captured in the glass dome 🙂
Photo credit:  Mr. J

P.P.S: If you’re keen to stretch yourself with some support feel free to give me a call… we could work one on one, or you could join one of my upcoming Coaching Circles…


Online Career Crossroads Workshops

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are now online with Career Crossroads  and our Saturday sessions have been a great success!

So much so, that we have received requests for another online Career Crossroads to follow almost immediately in September as many people could not make the dates.

So, if you haven’t attended this August workshop already (or any previous face to face workshops), don’t hesitate!  There’s something special about looking at yourself and what you bring to the world, especially when it’s together with a group of fabulous people who are also after clarity and purpose in their career journey.


  • Foundation Dates:   12th + 19th + 26th September 2020 
  • Times:  14h00 – 17h00 
  • Links for  all online calls will be sent via email
  • Career Crossroads PLUS sessions to follow in October 2020.

Please note: 
Group rates are available for organisations
 that would like to offer support for staff who are going through retrenchments.
Are you interested? 

Click on the button below to reserve your place on the workshop, or ask any questions .


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