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Focusing Forward…

A few years ago my son was taking part in a pre-primary school sports day. There was great excitement!
When it was time for his race, I was cheering him on like the wild Greek mama I am (NOT quiet 😉!). He was doing so well, until he turned to look back to see where his friends were, and needless to say, he lost focus and slowed down.

This incident came to me as I sat down to write to you all for this newsletter. I had serious writer’s block, and I realized I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting back on this year and our Covid-19 experience.

There have been many lessons and insights… but to get myself to the finish line of the year, I need to focus forward too!

So, here are some self-coaching tips I used on myself to re-focus forward, and perhaps they might be of use to you too 😊….it’s a short ‘run’ till the end of the year:

Be selective
Look at all that’s on your list and decide what you can let go of for now. Select one project that really excites you and gives you energy as you think about it (even gentle energy).  Consider what you can say, “No” to and what you want to say, “Yes” to.

Hyper-focus, for small chunks of time
Block time in your diary, clear space in your home, close tabs on your computer and give yourself space to hyper-focus on your top priority. Put your phone out of sight and gift yourself the gift of 100% presence and focus.

Connect with your “WHY”
Consider why this is important to you, and not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.   Ask yourself why it’s important to you, at least 3 times with a deeper answer each time.   This will connect  you with the deeper purpose that inspired you to take a step in this direction in the first place. 

When you sit down to work on it, reconnect with that deep purpose and it will feel less of a ‘chore’. 

Pause and appreciate your completion of the small steps along the way.  Acknowledge yourself, and make sure to celebrate what you have achieved as you get to the finishing line.

 *If you want a celebration partner I’m always open to a glass of bubbles.  

I’d love to hear what you’re choosing to focus on as we head to the finishing line of 2020.

Oh, and by the way, the nugget of the school race was the winner turning around and running back to the start line again because he was having such fun!  And all the other kids followed! It caused complete chaos for the teachers but was a delight to watch 😊! 

What a blast!

I hope you get to make time to explore what inspires you to run back to the beginning and start all over again too.

Wishing you all a wonderful week…

Warm wishes,


Photography is a true passion of mine….capturing sunrises, sunsets, the beauty that Cape Town serves on an exquisite platter on a daily basis, and of course the special people in my life.

What are some of your passions?

I’d love to hear, and who knows, we may even talk about it in one of our future newsletters…


Just in case you didn’t see my last newsletter I’ve reposted a wonderful experience I had with a friend and colleague from Ireland, James Sweetman.

One of my previous newsletters titled ‘Gifts in the Discomfort’  and  ‘Resilience & Growth’ (which describes my journey to creating the Career Crossroads course) caught James’s eye and he invited me to be interviewed for his podcast ‘Your Time’ with James Sweetman.

James is not only a internationally recognized motivational & keynote speaker, but also a fellow trainer, writer, coach and lover of nature!  

I had the BEST time!!! It was so exciting and a little nerve wracking, but a healthy stretch out of my comfort zone.

We laughed, got serious and both shared some insights, tips and wisdom.

If you enjoy podcasts, click on the button below to listen to the full interview.


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