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Words & Pics by Mandy Antzoylatos

A week before my son was discharged from his three and a half month stay in NICU (Neonatal ICU) my job was made redundant, and I was retrenched…hmmm, not great timing!!!

Friends and family were upset! Me? I was grateful my son was alive and compared to that, not having a job didn’t seem such a big deal.

Then I got home (he was still safely in the care of the amazing nursing staff at the hospital) and I thought, “Ok, where to from here?” There was no way I wanted to go job hunting, so I was going to give consulting my best shot! 

Owning my worth:
I pulled out a notebook I had been saving for a special day, opened up the middle double page section and started mind mapping.  What skills and experience did I have to offer that could help me generate income to stay at home with my precious boy?

I considered the different areas of facilitation I had skills in, the type of coaching I was offering to private and business clients and the courses I was licensed to run. Plus, I included all the different jobs I had held throughout my life.
Then I brought my life experiences into the mix and for example, I created a special coaching package for parents with babies in NICU, having gone through that process so recently myself (with some serious self-coaching!)
And so, I developed what later became one of the tools I used in supporting clients who wanted more from their career path.

This sketch was my moment of inspiration in 2014 when I was in a work contract which I felt was stifling me and wanted to expand my business…

Since then I have spoken to many other people, in both my professional and personal life, who were reaching a crossroad in their career too and not sure where to go next. They wanted to make a change and when I got excited for them and said, “Yay, what are you wanting to do?”, I would often see blank eyes looking back.  Their response would be along the lines of, “Well, I studied … ” or “I’ve been working in ‘…’ sector, so that’s what I know”.  But there was no excitement or sense of possibility.

Being able to work with them and create a sense of purpose, passion and possibility was thrilling.  As I coached some to open up to ALL they had to offer, the light came back into their eyes, new ideas and opportunities popped up, and suddenly there was a clear and conscious path to what they wanted for their life NOW (not what they had decided as a young adult).

The transformation was powerful.

And then, when a few came together in a group and the magic really sparked… it was deliciously delightful to see!

And BAM! The Career Crossroads Course was born.

It has been running since 2016, and now, Whoop Whoop I’m so excited to be launching the Career Crossroads course ONLINE!!!

It is a fascinating and deeply rewarding process to have a look at how much more we have to offer than the jobs we have had or what we studied in the past. Beyond this, the workshop unpacks multiple layers to support people in making conscious career choices and opening up possibilities.

 I would love for you to own your worth fully and live up to your full potential! 

What might you want to acknowledge about yourself today?

And when facing tough times, what strengths and experience can you draw on to become more resilient?

Sending warm wishes to stay safe, take care of yourself and others, and be kind…


PS: The online Career Crossroads course will be starting up in July, with both the Career Crossroads Foundation course, as well as the Career Crossroads PLUS option. The Career Crossroads PLUS course includes the benefit of ongoing coaching for 3 months. See below for more details.

PPS: We’ve also run two online Vision Boarding sessions… see some of the pics below. They were great fun and truly inspirational!!


Workshop options available:

Option 1:  Career Crossroads FOUNDATION course includes:

  • 3 x Live group calls with Mandy Antzoylatos.
  • 1 x 30 minute personal coaching call during the period of the training.
  • Course content and workbooks
  • You will leave with a set of practical tools you can use again for yourself in the future.

Option 2: Career Crossroads PLUS offers all that is above in the Foundation course, as well as an extended 3 months of support in a group and individual format, to:

  1. Address obstacles preventing you from identifying and seizing opportunities crossing your path,
  2. Create mindset shifts where needed,
  3. Be taught new skills and tools to support you as you create changes in your career path, and
  4. Inspire and support each other.

In the 3 months following the Career Crossroads Foundation course, you will receive:

  • 2 x One-on-one 60 minute online coaching sessions with Mandy,
  • Email and WhatsApp support,
  • Sharing of opportunities and inspiration,
  • 3 x Live group calls.

Career Crossroads PLUS aims to make sure you are well on your way to consciously creating the career outcomes you identified in the Foundation course.

Feedback from previous participants:

Please note:  Group rates are available for organisations that would like to offer support for staff who are being retrenched due to COVID-19.

Are you interested?  Click on the button below to find out more information.


Online Vision Board Workshops

The first Freedom44 online vision board session was held in mid May, swiftly followed by a second one in early June… my first all male vision board group!   

Both sessions were rich and enlightening with beautiful, powerful vision boards being created by all attendees.  They appreciated the break from ‘lockdown’ routine and being able to tap into their creativity.

The process worked well online with feedback from some that they are already experiencing shifts and creating results. 

If you’re interested to get a group of friends, family or colleagues together click on the button below to find out more.


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