• Spring Inspiration...
    Life Lessons,  Reflection

    Seeds we have sown…

    Words & Pics by Mandy Antzoylatos

    I feel as if I’m coming out of hibernation…
    Spring has sprung here in the Southern Hemisphere, and me and my precious family are making the most of being surrounded by mountains, sea and nature here in Cape Town.
    It has been a real indoor winter, with staying in our bubble to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus.  So, now that shutdown is lifting slightly, we are making the most of being outdoors.

    Seeing the beautiful flowers blooming, veggies flourishing, and my houseplants thriving (having had plenty of TLC with all the hours we’ve been at home) got me thinking about what lifestyle seeds have been planted in our life over the last few months of staying-home-safe.

    Yes, this may be literal planting and harvesting if you have a garden, but there may be other ‘seeds’ you’ve planted that are now bearing fruit, whether you realised it or not…

    We don’t see every flower opening or green shoot growing, but suddenly there is a plant there.  So, a few questions to ponder might be:

    • What seeds have been sown in your life over the last few months?
    • What are you harvesting now?
    • What has been pruned or trimmed in order to enhance your life?

    Personally, as I look back over the last few months, I realise there have been a few seeds I’ve sown which are now seedlings or are starting to bear fruit.

    Being me, they cover personal, professional, parenting and coaching insights, all of which are integrated in different areas of my life:

    • Tackling small corners of my home that I’ve wanted to attend to for ages.  This has led to a greater appreciation of my space and has inspired me to continue enhancing our home.
    • Introducing small meditation practices throughout our day from early on in lockdown, and then finding my son meditating on his own on the balcony recently.
    • Regularly reminding my son about the importance of being a team in ‘housekeeping’ from the beginning of lockdown.  That process has him now playing his part in the running of the home as if it’s second nature.  Well, most of the time anyway ;). 
    • An investment in our emotional and mental well-being early on in lockdown which resulted in us getting through it pretty well.  Part of that was taking a pause from work for the first few weeks.  A risk, but worthwhile.
    • Shifting and tidying a bookshelf had me finding old favourites that I have been re-reading, and reminding myself of the wisdom they add to my coaching and facilitation practice.
    • Having more time for morning and evening chats (without the pressure of the school run) has made them such a part of our lives. Even now we’re back into the school run, they’re still a big part of our time together.
    • And then yes, taking cuttings from the garden, rooting them, and now having more plants around the home than we did before 🙂
    When climbing the steps towards the lighthouse at Cape Point, I was struck by this plant growing up the stairs…. Who knows how long ago, the first shoot grew onto the steps, or how long it has taken to get this far, but it will keep on going. Just like you (and me!).

    I’ll end off by gently reminding us all to:

    • keep planting your seeds,
    • nuture your seeds, yourself and those around you, and 
    • doing the small things that take you on the path you want to follow, with purpose.

    The benefits are sometimes unseen at first, but will come!

     I’d love to hear what’s growing and hopefully
    thriving for you at the moment?

    Or, if you’re hunkering down for winter, what are you taking from summer and spring to get you through?

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend…

    Warm wishes,


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